Newly Improved Event Pavilion

July 13, 2017

The Sutherland Estate and Gardens recently completed renovations to the property’s event pavilion to provide a comfortable experience for all guests attending events at the property year-round. With glass doors installed around the perimeter of the 4,800-sq. ft. pavilion, the facility now provides an enclosed space to seat up to 320 people. For events with bar service and live entertainment, the pavilion has enough room to provide seating for 275 guests while reserving an area for dancing.

In addition to the new enclosure, the pavilion is now equipped with HVAC to provide a temperature controlled environment. The Sutherland can now accommodate clients who wish to book events in the colder months of the year. The new improvements also provide a safe and dry space in the chance of inclement weather. If it’s windy, raining, or cold outside, guests will be able to enjoy attending events in the comfort of being in an indoor, temperature controlled venue. The doors are glass which will allow event attendees to appreciate the view of the beautiful 6-acre estate while having the feeling of being outdoors and being protected from the elements at the same time!

On days with ideal weather conditions, clients have the option of hosting an open-air event by requesting to have the doors of the pavilion pushed back. Each set of doors is on their own track to provide versatility in opening just a single side or all sides of the pavilion. The doors are designed to open in an accordion style and sit tucked away against the brick columns for guests who choose this option for their event.

The Sutherland is an ideal venue to host conferences, seminars, board meetings, trade shows, team building events, business dinners, networking events, company picnics, fundraising events, charity balls, galas, product launches, workshops, award ceremonies, annual company parties, and holiday celebrations.

The beautiful venue can also host social events such as weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, debutante balls, quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, high school reunions, sorority formals, themed parties, and birthday parties.

Here are some compliments provided by clients who recently held their events in the pavilion at The Sutherland Estate and Gardens:

“It’s a beautiful venue with all the right accommodations.”

“Our daughter had her wedding ceremony and reception at the Sutherland it was absolutely wonderful. Everyone remarked of how beautiful the venue looked.”

“This venue is amazing! The entire property is absolutely breathtaking. It rained on our wedding day, but it wasn’t a problem thanks to the pavilion.”

“It was the perfect backdrop for our wedding day and the pavilion is a wonderful addition!”

“The pavilion is stunning… It is a dream venue for any bride looking for a unique outdoor space. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything!”

We are now booking for Fall 2016 through Spring 2017! To schedule a tour of the property please contact The Sutherland by calling (919) 556-0140 or filling out an inquiry form on our contact page here.

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